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Spring Forward

Annual Phlox

Showy Primrose

Blanket Flowers


by Yank Moore, Director of Conservation & Joseph Colbert CWB®, Wildlife Biologist

Spring is in the air on Jekyll Island. The songbirds are migrating, shorebirds are nesting, and flowers are showing their dramatic colorscapes. Before you know it, summer will be on the horizon, but for now, you can enjoy the pleasant weather and the majestic beauty of nature waking up from its winter slumber.

The Jekyll Island Causeway pollinator site that was planted over the winter has awoken from its slumber and is beginning to establish. As seeds from the native pollinator mix sprout, the colors are beginning to manifest, from the red, pink and white flowers of Phlox to the yellow and red flowers of Blanket Flower and finally brilliant pink Showy Primroses. A variety of Clovers and Brown-eyed Susans with their earthy tones are not far behind as the island approaches the heat of summer. The array of color combinations will continue to change as the species that were planted flourish and bloom throughout the year, providing a fresh and unique color palette for every season. Along with the native pollinators that were planted, native species that lied dormant in the soil include Peppergrass, Herb William and Spiderwort which blanket the ground with new growth, providing stability and moisture retention for the young seedlings that continue to develop.

While driving along the causeway, if you watch closely, you will see pollinators such as bees and butterflies, buzzing about with on-looking Tree Swallows and Swifts lurking to grab a quick bite. You may also enjoy the tradition of counting marsh rabbits while they feed on the young vegetation as you approach the sanctuary of Jekyll Island. Either way, guests and residents are greeted with attractive colorful native plants that provide critical resources for our diverse wildlife that make themselves at home on Jekyll Island.

This project supports the Jekyll Island Authority’s mission of responsible preservation, maintenance, and care of wildlife diversity, thanks to the contribution of a generous donor to the Jekyll Island Foundation. To contribute to the ecological enhancement of wildlife diversity and conservation efforts on Jekyll Island, click HERE.

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