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Dear Foundation Friends,

When you visit Jekyll Island, it’s almost impossible NOT to take great pictures. You probably have a few on your smart phone of yourself with Jekyll’s pristine beauty or historic buildings in the background. If this is indeed the case, why not share? Post them to Facebook and Instagram using #JekyllIslandFoundation. Chances are you’ll see them here, and help us make even more friends!


Dion Davis
Executive Director

Aptly named “David Set Singers Before the Lord” and harmoniously orchestrated by Louis Comfort Tiffany, there’s nothing more magnificent than the one-hundred-year-old masterpiece that sits within Jekyll Island’s Faith Chapel.
In celebration of the famed Tiffany window’s centennial year, visitors can now experience an immersive exhibit within Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum.

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If you happen to visit Jekyll Island during summer, you will likely see the JIA Georgia Sea Turtle Center Research Team patrolling our 8 miles of beautiful beaches for nesting sea turtles.
JIF has provided the team with a new UTV. This vehicle will be used for Sea Turtle Patrol once our old beach-worn unit is retired. For now, it is being kept off the salty beach and used in box turtle and freshwater turtle studies. Learn more here 👉

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Tom and Albert Maurice, the grandchildren of Charles Stewart Maurice, in front of Hollybourne Cottage.
Hollybourne Cottage was enjoyed by the entire Maurice family during their time on island. Image courtesy of the Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum.

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A mixture of its owner’s passions, Hollybourne Cottage combines international design with the local building material Tabby to create a uniquely Jekyll Island structure. ...

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Jekyll Island Conservation Land Manager Yank Moore and Wildlife Biologist Joseph Colbert inspect the native plant pollinator meadow at the Jekyll Island Solar Field, a partnership between the Jekyll Island Authority, Cherry Street Energy, and Georgia Power.
Since 1999, the partnership between the Jekyll Island Foundation (JIF) and the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) has been a mutually beneficial relationship built around bringing to life projects that elevate conservation, preservation, and education goals within Jekyll Island State Park. This relationship produced the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, which catalyzed conservation efforts within the JIA that continue to bear fruit. Many other achievements, like the outdoor recreation, education, and wildlife enhancements at Horton Pond, which has become a favorite spot for families exploring Jekyll Island, and Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum, which keeps Jekyll’s past alive and reminds us that nature connects us all to it, were made possible because of partnership, between JIF and JIA, and our many donors.

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It's hot out there! Everyone make sure to be safe in the sun. ☀️ ...

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Afternoon strolls on Major Horton Road 🚶. ...

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A sea turtle patrol team member recording data during an early-morning dawn patrol.
From May to July, the GSTC Research Team patrols Jekyll Island’s beaches throughout the night to encounter as many nesting loggerhead sea turtles as possible. These ‘Night Patrols’ allow the team to study females directly, collect nest data, and provide unforgettable experiences for guests in our nighttime Education programs. To ensure that nesting is not interrupted, researchers carefully watch emerging turtles from a distance until they start to lay eggs. At that point, females enter a ‘nesting trance,’ which allows them to be safely examined.

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Happy Memorial Day from us at Jekyll Island Foundation—and may we all remember those who made sacrifices for our freedom. ❤️ 🇺🇸 ...

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Jekyll Island Foundation relies on strong allies in our mission to support the conservation and preservation of Jekyll Island’s natural and historic resources. Corporate sponsors join us each year in supporting and caring for this beautiful island. Visit the link in our bio to learn how you can partner with the Jekyll Island Foundation as a corporate sponsor today. ...

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A Jekyll Island tradition 🚲 Where is your favorite place to ride? ...

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A trip to @georgiaseaturtlecenter is always fun for the whole family!
Visit the link in our bio to see how your donations contribute to projects on Jekyll Island.

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Life is good on Jekyll Island! ...

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Have you visited Wanderer Trail on Jekyll Island?
The trail follows the story of Umwalla, a young boy captured by slave traders and smuggled into America on the Wanderer. You can read more about the Wanderer, the last known American slave ship, in this Smithsonian article:

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We can't think of anything we'd rather do than watch the sun go down on Jekyll Island! ...

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Springtime strolls on Beachview Road aren't complete without the beautiful blooms of Muhly Meadow 🌸.
#DidYouKnow - Muhly grass also has cultural significance as it has been historically used by Native Americans and Gullah-Geechee peoples of the southeast to make beautiful baskets.

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#DidYouKnow - Jekyll Island Foundation's corporate sponsorship program gives businesses large and small an opportunity to sponsor JIF!
Use the link in our bio to learn more.

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Happy Mother's Day from Jekyll Island Foundation 💕 ...

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In April 1956, Georgia businessman Harvey Smith built Peppermint Land.

Jekyll’s first amusement park was located oceanside and featured a small Ferris wheel, a low-riding roller coaster, a miniature train, and go-karts.

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#DidYouKnow - Male diamondback terrapins rarely leave their aquatic environment, but female terrapins come out of the marsh from late April through July to lay their eggs. Terrapins often cross the road on the causeway in search of a preferred nesting habitat and are prone to be hit by automobiles. ...

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Nothing beats a quiet morning at Horton's Pond. ...

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This month we will be cheering on our sea turtle friends as nesting season gets started on Jekyll Island! Head over to @georgiaseaturtlecenter to learn more. ...

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#ThrowbackThursday - Moss Cottage was built in 1896. Its rustic appearance is a reflection of the casual lifestyle of the original club members, who sought to escape from the pressures of the city to hunt, fish, and enjoy the natural beauty of the coastal environment. ...

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Every purchase you make through can help Jekyll Island Foundation preserve this beautiful place! Learn how here: ...

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