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New Homes for Chimney Swifts and Bats on Jekyll Island

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Goal: $5,000

*Last updated 9/25/2023

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Chimney Swift Tower

Bat House

Help JIF “Clear the Attic” and Provide Suitable Homes for Chimney Swifts and Bats!

CHIMNEY SWIFTS AND BATS—What’s happening?  

Chimney swifts and bats are amazing nocturnal animals that eat insects and pollinate plants. They need dark places to rest during the day, but they are losing their natural habitats due to human activities and natural destruction caused by storms. Many of these creatures have adapted to live in chimneys and attics, but they are also facing threats as more of these places become sealed off or are nonexistent in new construction.


The Jekyll Island Foundation wants to help protect these animals and their role in the ecosystem by providing them with alternative shelters. We are partnering with JIA’s conservation team to build and install bat boxes and chimney swift towers on Jekyll Island. These are wooden structures that mimic the features of chimneys and attics but are safer and more suitable for the animals. They will also prevent them from entering the attics or chimneys of the island’s historic cottages and damaging priceless collections.

HOW CAN YOU HELP—Partner with JIF to accomplish our goal!

Jekyll Island Foundation projects, such as this effort to add chimney swift towers and bat boxes on the island, are always funded by the donations of generous organizations and individuals like YOU. Partnering with the Foundation is a great opportunity to personally invest in helping to maintain this beautiful island for both human residents and the wildlife that are native to this region. JIF is raising $5,000 to help build and install these structures.


Help us raise $5,000 to cover the cost of building and installing the houses and towers for these mysterious, amazing creatures. 100% of your donation will be used for building these new homes.

THANK YOU for considering a gift to this project and island conservation here on Jekyll!

By donating to this project, you help enhance the wildlife diversity and conservation on Jekyll Island. You also demonstrate your support of research and education efforts of the JIA’s conservation team, who monitor and study these animals. Your contribution makes a difference for these amazing creatures and the environment they live in.

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