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Welcome to the world of muhly grass meadows—a world the Jekyll Island Authority is determined to rescue and revive on Jekyll Island!

These magnificent muhly grass meadows are more than just a picturesque landscape. They are a vanishing wonder, threatened by coastal flooding and human-caused interruptions in the delicate coastal sand-sharing system.

These stunning habitats, typically found nestled in the dunes of Georgia’s youngest coastal land, are disappearing before our very eyes. Dammed rivers, dredging, and the removal of sand usually deposited on barrier islands have disrupted the natural balance. As a result, this natural treasure now covers less than an acre, only located in areas frequently inundated by marsh flooding.

The JIA’s conservation team is actively embarking on a mission to rescue and restore this imperiled habitat before it vanishes entirely from this beloved Island. After harvesting muhly grass seeds from the south end of Jekyll Island, JIA’s conservation team will then contract with farmers off-island to grow the seeds and transport the muhly grass plugs back to Jekyll Island for planting.

Muhly grass habitats boast incredibly high wildlife diversity. These critters, in turn, support a host of predators, from magnificent birds to stealthy bobcats. The Jekyll Island Authority and Foundation are now calling upon you, our passionate supporters, to join this crucial venture to rescue Jekyll’s native muhly grass meadows and restore these treasured ecosystems. Gift a plug or gift an acre! Every investment counts—toward today and tomorrow, as we help to preserve this beautiful island for generations to come.

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