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The ‘Hunt’ Is Back!

One-of-a-kind glass floats, known as Island Treasures.

Children looking for clear float.

Children finding a clear float.

By Erin Evors,
JIA Social Media Manager

In the early 1900s, east coast fishermen used hollow glass balls, or floats, on their nets as markers. Occasionally, the floats would break loose and wash ashore for lucky beachcombers to find and keep. Collecting these rare, highly sought-after glass floats became a hobby in the 1950s, and ultimately inspired a nearly 20-year-old tradition.

Today, artists from across the country are hand-picked to create one-of-a-kind glass floats, similar to those used by fishermen of the past, for Jekyll Island’s annual Island Treasures event. The glass floats are part of a hide-and-seek style game played on Jekyll Island throughout January and February.

Each day, volunteers called Beach Buddies will hide 2-5 clear globes around the island for lucky visitors to find and redeem for their special glass float, and this year’s ‘hunt’ runs from now through February 28. With, approximately 250 clear globes hidden during the annual event, treasure hunters can search for Island Treasures in common areas such as the Beach Village, Historic District, beach parks, and along established paths. Places such as the sand dunes, marsh, golf courses, residential property, or off established paths should be avoided.

Whether you decide to come hunting for a day or whole week, it doesn’t take long to discover that the true treasure is exploring this beautiful island and finding an Island Treasure is simply a bonus. But if after the ‘hunt’ you feel inspired to stay connected to this special place, we encourage you to consider investing in the island through a Jekyll Island Foundation membership.

As a member you’ll receive wonderful benefits that expand with the amount of your gift and include annual island parking passes, guest amenity passes, gift shop discounts, and more, all while knowing you’re making a difference. In fact, Gold-and-above members even receive their very own Island Treasure!

No matter where you live, it’s easy to stay connected to this one-of-a-kind place. To become a member or for more information about the Jekyll Island Foundation visit:

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