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Mosaic’s Fifth Anniversary!

Women’s Suffrage would stay in the Lobby from August 2020 until January 2021

In the Service of Others was installed in late January and would remain until May 2021.

In the Service of Others was installed in late January and would remain until May 2021 (2).

100 Years of Painting Glass was an exhibit that gave guests the opportunity to release their inner artist.

From February to August of 2022, Jekyll Island’s lobby was graced with a recreation of the iconic 1950s beach sign.

The Diamond Jubilee was completely installed September 2022 and would remain up until late March 2023.

The Diamond Jubilee was completely installed September 2022 and would remain up until late March 2023.

The Morgan family spotlight is Mosaic’s current lobby exhibit and has been on display since April of 2023.

By Patrick Carmody, Museum Educator

Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum is turning 5 years old! April 13th marks the anniversary of Mosaic’s grand opening, and what a wonderful museum it is! Mosaic offers guests a peek into the fantastic and elaborate history of the island and the people who have called it their home. To honor all the hard work of the Mosaic staff and the unique ways history has been told and displayed over the past five years, let’s take a trip back to visit all of the lobby exhibits since the former Jekyll Island Club horse stables were reimagined.

The first transitional lobby exhibit opened in the summer of 2020, beginning a tradition of rotating lobby exhibits to greet guests. The first exhibit was entitled “Women’s Suffrage” and offered guests a look into the fight for the 19th amendment and focused on club members like Consuelo Vanderbilt, Katharine Dexter McCormick, Alva Vanderbilt Belmont and Narcissa Cox Vanderlip. Guests were given an interactive element in all of our lobby displays, and voting was at the heart of this experience. Guests voted to assign a name to the newest trolley Mosaic had acquired at the time.

Following Women’s Suffrage, exhibits honoring the servants who worked hard to make vacations at the private Jekyll Island Club special, with exhibits known collectively as “In the Service of Others.” This exhibit had a life-sized version of long-time employee for the Maurice family, Charlie Hill, standing next to an historic carriage. Charlie Hill worked on Jekyll Island for 51 years, serving the Maurice family initially as their Coachman and later getting the role of Caretaker for Hollybourne Cottage. For anyone who would like to see the carriage and Charlie Hill, they are still on display, within the lobby of The Westin Jekyll Island.

One of the of the displays within this lobby exhibition included a family tree of the servants like the Hills, Parlands, and Denegals and how their descendants would work on Jekyll during the Club era and the State era. In the Service of Others championed the hard work done by all the different employees over the decades, and the roles they played in keeping the Jekyll Island experience pristine as the Island shifted from a gilded age winter resort to a year-round state park.

In the Service of Others wasn’t the only display featured in Mosaic’s lobby in 2021. Following In the Service of Others was the Tiffany Centennial. These exhibits celebrated the life and works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, stained glass, and the iconic Tiffany window in Faith Chapel, David Sets Forth Singers before the Lord. A very topical exhibit given that it was the 100th anniversary of the installation of this one-of-a-kind window and the museum wanted guests to engage with the history of Tiffany and the crown jewel of Faith Chapel’s beauty.

The centerpiece of the exhibit was an interactive display utilizing a partially clear version of the Tiffany window with outlines that could be shaded in by colors of all kinds by museum guests. The Tiffany window was put together by both Louis Comfort Tiffany and members of the former Jekyll Island Club to honor the life of original Club President, Frederick Gilbert Bourne.

With three great lobby exhibits to its name, Mosaic had very little room to dazzle, and yet it astounded guests once again in 2022 with two excellent displays of Jekyll Island history:

Fabulous Jekyll Island and Diamond Jubilee! Both displays commemorated the 75th anniversary of Jekyll Island being a state park. The Fabulous Jekyll Island sign greeted guests as they entered the museum and different exhibit panels explored the history of Georgia governor M.E. Thompson, the use of Jekyll Island as a year-round vacation destination, and the stories of people’s lives on Jekyll Island in the early state era.

For the Diamond Jubilee, Mosaic hired Patrick Harsch, a sand sculptor from Clearwater, Florida to create custom artwork from sand. Over the course of several days, Harsch was able to sculpt a sandcastle celebrating Jekyll Island’s 75 years as a Georgia State Park, with specific features recognizing some of the island’s iconic emblems including a sea turtle.

This brings us to 2023 and now 2024, where our lobby currently displays the Morgan Family Spotlight. This lobby presents Jekyll Island locations as spaces on a make-believe monopoly board, with a miniature recreation of the Corsair IV yacht, the Morgan Family silver dining set, a painting of Jane Morgan, and life-sized depictions of J.P. Morgan Senior and Junior.

These exhibits reflect the skills and hard work of Jekyll Island Authority staff who concept, design and install these displays annually to bring the history of Jekyll Island to life for guests. Each one dives further into Jekyll Island’s diverse natural and historical culture. Happy Anniversary Mosaic!

To partner with Jekyll Island Authority’s Historic Resources department as they continue to bring these stories and more to life, click HERE. For more information about or to visit Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum, click HERE.

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