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Your Dollars at Work

Colonial era reproduction yawl boat hand built at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Museum.  Visitors will be allowed to get inside the boat like the one Major Horton used in the 1700s.

Sit inside a 1947 Studebaker as you drive to Jekyll Island over the new causeway. Listen to period music on the radio and hear an advertisement for the opening of the causeway. Photographs are encouraged!

Dugout canoe in production. Burning out the interior of the pine log.

Mosaic Ahead of Schedule


By Bruce Piatek, JIA Director of Historic Resources

The rundown, old and tired, exhibits at the stable building are gone as is the old theater that was a building inside a building. Thanks to the hard work of the Jekyll Island Foundation the Stable building is being transformed and reborn. The work on the structure, such as the installation of the climate control, roof, electrical upgrades, and wallboard are ahead of schedule. The use of foam insulation panels above the roof rafters has preserved the beautiful and dramatic appearance of the interior of the space.  The size, scale, and character of the various spaces within the Stable building are taking shape and will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The exhibits are moving forward quickly with images and artifacts being identified, acquired and in some cases fabricated.  Historical and natural history concepts and facts are being turned into stories, activities, and experiences for the whole family to enjoy. We have planned the installation of a 1940s Studebaker, a Red Bug ride experience, a 1740s colonial era reproduction sailboat or yawl,  a children’s play scape that will include a trip into a pond and eagles nest, a Native American house and a replica dugout canoe, to name a few. The canoe is being created from a Jekyll Island pine tree, by Bruce Piatek, Director of Historical Resources. There will be a variety of interactive experiences all taking place under a large display screen that will illustrate Jekyll Islands natural beauty.

These are exciting times that are fueled by the hard work and effort of many Jekyll Island staff and contractors. It is all made possible because of the work of the Jekyll Island Foundation and the donors that have supported this transformation. Please take some time to look at a few large-scale pieces that will be the museum and that people will be able to climb in and experience.

Thank you for your past support and please help us continue the work of making the project a major success and new must-see experience on Jekyll Island. For learn more, click here.

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