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From the Executive Director

I grew up in Arizona. Anyone who has been out west, especially the southwest, knows … IT. IS. HOT! Some would say, “Well, it’s a dry heat.” Let’s face it, heat is heat, dry or humid. In Arizona, we are accustomed to an arid climate, patches of grass that are mostly reserved for golf courses, football and baseball fields, swimming for three-quarters of the year, and no daylight savings – I like those parts. My growing up years were filled with instruction on wildlife and vegetation adapted to flourish in that climate, the Gila monster and saguaro cactus are perfect examples. We were culturally educated on the wild west, gunslingers, tumbleweeds, the gold rush, and the Grand Canyon. Even the landscape is a different color, mostly reds and browns – very subdued – with spots of cactus blooms here and there.

Since moving to southeast Georgia nearly 17 years ago, I have acclimated to another world – a humid one. Southeast Georgia’s coast is gently tucked along the eastern seaboard. With many small and large bodies of water – including the ocean – everything is GREEN! Nature flourishes, plants display rainbows of varying shades and tones, the marshes turn a slight tan in the winter and a beautiful green in spring – I like that part. Even the wildlife, both land and sea, get into the action, singing, jumping, grazing, and of course proliferating. No matter where you are, activity is evident.

Yes, these are two different worlds – west coast and east coast – yet both are part of our great nation, America the Beautiful! As Memorial Day and Independence Day draw near, may I encourage you to ponder these celebrations unique to our country. Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day in the late 1800s) honors men and women who died while in military service to our country. Independence Day commemorates the day our forefathers declared independence from the British Empire. How thankful I am to those who paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today. How thankful I am to travel from one side of our country to another with ease. How thankful I am to view the plains, prairies, towns and cities of our nation as ONE. There is no other country like the United States of America.

Of all of the places I’ve lived, this is the place I now call home – the Golden Isles. As you plan your summer, consider a trip to southeast Georgia, where Jekyll Island is poised to provide relaxation or activity, whichever you prefer. Take in the nature, experience the history, ride the bike trails, or simply lie on the beach. That is the beauty of Jekyll Island. Hope to see you soon!

Dion Davis

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